A series of random thoughts regarding things I've recently watched way too late at night.


Star Trek (2009)

I knew nothing of the Star Trek franchise going into this. But it felt as if J.J. Abrams has made something that hardcore Star Trek fans could vibe with, if not appreciate. Abrams knows what's up. 

Rating: Observe



Quite possibly Guy Ritchie's most under-the-radar film, and probably my favorite. The Wild Bunch cast is a group of super studly Brits that can actually act. The film also features an outstanding track by The Clash. I dare you to listen to “Bankrobber" only once.

Rating: Observe



Look, no one ever said this was going to revolutionize science fiction. So lay off. Just consider yourself lucky to live during a time in which Christopher Nolan is granted the freedom to tell the stories he wants to tell. Also, this is now the second time Anne Hathaway has made me cry.

Rating: Observe


Jurassic World Trailer

They can't be serious. Same story. Same aesthetic. A cast with no direction. And Chris Pratt delivering lines like, “...what kind of dinosaur they cooked up in that lab." This film has such a long way to go to be good, let alone as great as Jurassic Park.



Jack Black singing and being endearing while also being obsessive and doting. Not nearly as biting as I wanted it to be. Apparently everything involving funerals that's not depressing gets tagged as a “Black Comedy." Even ones as insipid as this.

Rating: Avoid


Star Wars, Episode VII: The Force Awakens Trailer

Who is narrating? That black Stormtrooper seems to be scared as hell. I don't blame him. Great trailer. I got all goosebumpy when the Millennium Falcon soared upward on the cue of John Williams. Feelings like those are why movies are awesome.