Below you will find the tiers of the system, a brief explanation of each tier, and a link to view films that fall under each rating.


Avoid at all costs. It's not worth your time or money. (Avoid Reviews)


The film didn't make an impression on us, but it may work for you depending on your tastes. (Note Reviews)


The film/TV show is worth renting, but not necessarily worth seeing in theaters or owning. (Rent Reviews)


The film/TV show is a must-see. Consider adding it to your movie collection. (Observe Reviews)

In addition to the four tiers above, there is a fifth tier that we will use on occasion for exceptional movies:


This is the apex of our rating system. We will only use this rating on movies that we think are instant-classics. Films/TV shows with this rating are in a league of their own. (Enshrine Reviews)